Maria Luisa Printemps
64, boulevard Haussmann / étage 2
75009 Paris
tel. + 33 1 42 82 41 07

Maria Luisa Poumaillou has become the fashion editor of Printemps
and sets up her new shop on the 2nd Floor of Printemps Haussmann.

As a consultant for women’s and men’s fashion brands, Poumaillou will be particularly focused on international designers and the initiation of directional fashion events within the store. The new shop, located at the heart of the second floor of Printemps’s fashion department, gives expression to a strong graphic universe based on an optical play of stripes and black and white checks.

This concept, created by the Buttazzoni & Associés, is based on Maria Luisa’s visual identity. The surface area is divided into three sections: the main area where the clothes are displayed is more closed and then opens out onto two annexes on either side where the accessories are arranged on cubes at different levels.

These three areas are connected to each other through the visual pattern of the stripe on the carpet.

The graphic elements are used on a variety of scales, as a frieze on the skirting boards, in the passageways and on the seating. To soften and add a feminine touch to this atmosphere, the walls are covered with cream suede panels. The powder pink ceiling also contributes to this effect.

A cube-shaped changing room covered with mirrors on all four sides is located in the middle of the space. This intriguing and attractive setting embodies the desire for modernity and elegance that forms part of Printemps’s new strategy.